Not all things are perfect, and there are really problems that like catch you off guard. This is also a thing that happens during a house inspection. This is the case since we know how exciting it is to finally talk to your real estate agent for a good house to purchase. So, you go and prepare the documents and the payment, make plans, choose among the depreciation reports services Vancouver and think that things could just go as planned.  

You might not know it but there are things that fail a home inspection, and these are what we will b going to share with you today.  

Why do you need to be careful when doing a house inspection? 

You may have become passive of it, but a home inspection is a very important step that we need to do to determine if the prospective house is really worth it. There could be a lot of things that are hidden in plain sight such as damage sand issues behind walls, ceilings, roof, and underground. this could create future problems and repair costs for you.  

1.Ground draining toward the house 

Every lawn needs to have at least three percent slope away from the house to prevent the water flowing to the house, as this could create water damage in the future. The house could suffer in different ways such as cracks on the wall, dampness, odor, and can even break the whole foundation collapse over time as dampness could induce mold and rot to the foundation. 

2.Plumbing and pipe issues 

The last thing we would want is a clogged toilet and a bad odor because of leakage and sewage problems. These issues could be small from slow draining, leaking faucet, or bigger ones such as contaminated water source, and pipe replacement. Plumbing problems can be very inconvenient and this is a dealbreaker. 


Molds are insidious. You might not be very cognizant of it but it can cause a lot of serious damage to the house and to your health as well. Exposure to molds can leave the house rot and deteriorate over time leading to some issues and problems with the foundation. And when this happens, you will have to pay for more damage and repair costs. 

Also, molds can trigger respiratory and allergic reactions such as asthma, skin reddening, and eye reddening. Worse, longer exposure to this induce respiratory problems to healthy children.  

4.Electrical problems 

According to stats, there are more than 51,000 home fires that are caused by electrical problems, and this makes home inspectors check for electrical wiring damage and issues. This is very important because it can cost you your life, and so, if the inspector sees some damages and ruin in electrical wiring, this can be a dealbreaker for you. It should be.  

The inspection involves inspecting the fraying insulation, mismatched wires, DIY wirings, and overcurrent protection  

There are still many things that an inspector does, which include: 

  • Safety and security features 
  • Issues and problems with the foundation 
  • Leaks 
  • Building code violations 
  • Termite infestation and damage 
  • Rooting woods and corroded metal 
  • HVAC problems 
  • Asbestos and radon issues